A Stove In Your Kitchen or Not – How Do You Choose?

If you look at some cookers today are sold, sometimes you do not know what you see. Large appliances with many cooking zones and multiple ovens. Also, often all kinds of extra modules and capabilities, whether or not optional. Unfortunately, the price tag is also impressive. In most cases, the cooker is by far the most expensive part of the whole kitchen. Should you or should not choose a stove? What considerations play a role in this choice?

A stove can be called a multifunction device with law. The simplest stoves are fitted with a hob and oven, as we know from earlier. But there is now much more possible.

In the first place, to get there are larger furnaces. This gives you more cooking zones and oven capacity. But there are also models that have a second oven next to the main oven. There are even models that have as many as four ovens. The various ovens often have different capabilities.

The width of the stove

Stoves you can have different widths in a series of 60, 70, 80, 90 cm to 150 cm. A wider range means more space for cooking zones and a larger or more furnaces. You must, of course, have the room in your kitchen to lose it. Remember that you do on both sides of stove you want to have room for a piece of countertop. This is very ergonomically while cooking: you can then easily put away and grab your cooking utensils, ingredients, and other issues.

Furnace capacity

Due to a large size to take cooker, you can realize a large oven capacity of a single device. A total oven capacity of more than 100 liters is no exception. There are furnaces with a combined oven capacity of up to 160 to 200 liters. Something is certainly not going to need everyone. But for some people, can make an important difference.

The ergonomics of the oven (s)

A disadvantage of a cooker is the low placing of the ovens. That is not for everyone equally enjoyable. Nowadays you often see ovens and microwaves are placed in high cupboards. You do not have to bend down to see it or to do anything in or out. With a stove, you will always have to work low. Some models do not have very high furnaces, making the bottom of the oven cavity is, and there is a drawer underneath is as high as possible. That saves a little, but it remains relatively low.

The fry top or griddle

Some cookers, it is possible to place a so-called top or fry griddle. Sometimes this option, so you have to be a good watch. The extra cost is often the price. In this tray, you can prepare food directly. You do not pan needed. It is widely used for meat

Oven gas?

Buy a single furnace. It almost always works on electric. In cookers also true that for most. But there are still to be found a lot of models which are equipped with a gas oven. Is true for most people that make a gas or electric oven at not a big difference. Often, the preference is given even to electrically. But you might like to have a gas oven, then offers a likely stove outcome.

A single device

In a stove, multiple functions are combined. One disadvantage is the dependence that creates it. An oven will still occasionally break down after so many years. Do you have a stove with oven and a more beautiful plate, it could be annoying. Possibly the oven actually beyond repair and will cost a lot. You have to replace everything. This while a gas hob itself almost never breaks. It may not be an immediate consideration that plays a major role in many people, but still, something to pause at.

The higher price of a stove

A stove is pricey. How much exactly, of course, depends make, model and options. But a stove is soon the most expensive part of a kitchen. But you must be careful not to compare apples and pears. A stove combines multiple functions in one, so you do not need some other devices. You’re right of course a hob and oven. Buy a bigger stove then you have to compare with greater hob and oven. And you have a stove with even more furnaces with different capabilities. You should also include in your comparison. You might save you then immediately a microwave.

Other things that determine the price

Take your hob cooker. Then you should take a hob with wok burner, to compare fairly. Also, some cookers offer additional features such as a fry top or deep fryer which otherwise often is not possible. And of course, the whole stove give a certain character to your kitchen. All things you can hang a hard price. It is especially worth a personal question how something like the extra money.

Difference in kitchen cabinets and mounting

There are other things you save for when you take a stove. It saves you include a kitchen where normally the stove and oven are placed in. And you also save on the worktop. You will probably get or to both sides of the stove a counter top, rather than a single large counter top. But there may not exactly be tailored a hole for the stove in the magazine. Which often saves costs. And counter tops from certain materials can be a significant difference. Also placing a stove flanked kitchen cabinets is easier than having to install plates and oven (s).

What does a stove do?

As the functionality of stoves rather varies lending, the same goes for prices. The simplest models cost around $250. Then you have a four burner gas stove with a simple oven. For the most expensive models to $8,000 or more required. Then you have to have the most comprehensive and professional brands and models.

Going out of five or six cooking zones and a size of up to 90 cm, then you look at prices between $600 and $3,000. Then it occurs mainly on brand and functionality. Boretti easily cost at least $2,000. The brand Smeg has correctly in every price category have a model in the range. Do you want a device with two ovens or more than you have to go out of $1,200 or more, regardless of brand?

Buy a stove combined with a whole kitchen, then talk about the price of the stove recommended. The high prices mean clear also that there is the necessary margin on the devices. Not infrequently there may be a lot on the price. You can get there all save a great amount quickly. And that’s never gone when you go to buy a whole new kitchen!

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