Buy A New Freezer: Where To Watch ?

A freezer ensures that food is frozen and therefore long lasting. In itself not the most exciting domestic product, the only thing that is a freezer to keep the food at a low temperature. There is still a lot to choose and so things to think about when buying a freezer. We put the most important things in a row.

A freezer you use for freezing food in. These include frying snacks and ice creams. But additional supplies of bread, meat or vegetables can be kept well in the freezer. And some people froze prepared meals for later use. We look at what to look for when choosing a freezer.

Freezer in the kitchen or not

A separate freezer is increasingly part of the kitchen. The products in the freezer are needed in the kitchen, so it is comfortable when having to run not only to another room from the kitchen. There is not enough space in the kitchen. Then a freezer can also be placed in a utility room or garage. In that case, you might consider taking a refrigerator, so there is still some freezing capacity in the kitchen is present.

Installation and model

Choose a nice concealed built-in freezer or a freestanding model? Built-in Freezers are always a cupboard or a table model, but a stand-alone freezer may also be a box model. In a cabinet fits the most effective, but ergonomically it is not. If you want to get anything at all from the bottom of the freezer, you have to bend down deep and usually other issues put to the side before you can with it. Often food is too long at the bottom of the freezer, so it should be discarded eventually. A cabinet model or tabletop with drawers is a lot more practical to use. A table model freezer can be placed under the sink and is, therefore, up to 85 centimeters high. The capacity is therefore limited to about 90 liters.

Combined with refrigerator

Nowadays the fridge-freezer very popular. Most come the so-called upside-down model. It sits in the refrigerator and the freezer downstairs. Both parts have their door. The freezer section is often 2.5 or 3.5 tray. An advantage of this model is that the cooling portion, which is most widely used, is on top, which is comfortable in daily use. A fridge-freezer is also available in the built-in model.

Environment temperature

In a kitchen, the temperature will not be a problem quickly, but if a freezer is placed in a utility room, garage or box, it is important to ensure that the ambient temperature is not too cold for some models. A temperature lower than 10 degrees centigrade is not advisable for the proper functioning of the freezer.

No Frost

Before No Frost technology existed, it was necessary to defrost the freezer regularly full, to remove all turned on the ice. Thanks No Frost is no longer needed. The freezer ensures that moisture is brought out into the room and the freezer is cold by cooling with refrigerated air circulation. Not all freezers have this functionality, so if you want to save the required defrosting, you must select it.

Frost floor

In a freezer equipped Floor Frost is cooled each tray separately. As a result, it is possible to freeze in each tray products. Most freezers have this today, but not all, so it’s good to check. In a freezer without Floor Frost but can often load products to be frozen by one or two. The products are frozen, they can be moved to another tray. Thanks, Floor Frost that act belongs to the past.

Other factors

Other things that should be watched is when purchasing a freezer:

● Content: One of the main factors is the net content. What you need depends entirely on how much you plan to freeze. Mind you, consumes a large freezer but more energy.
● Freezing capacity: The amount of food that can be inserted at once, so that the whole freezes fast enough.
● Energy consumption: The energy of the device, ranging from G t / m A +++
● Sound Production: The number of decibels that makes a device. Is the freezer in the kitchen then it is advisable to take a stationary device.

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