Buying Cooker : On What Features Should You Look?

A trend in the kitchens of the past few years, the return of the stove. A stove can put a big stamp on a kitchen and serve as a real eye catcher. However, a stove also has a hefty price tag. Especially if you want one who truly offers something extra compared to a separate oven and hob. What to look at when you’re looking for a stove for your kitchen?

Flush-mounted or freestanding

The vast majority stoves are detached, but also to obtain installation. Your choices are limited. Many people also opt for a furnace, because of the look it gives. It is the pride of many a kitchen owner. This effect is even stronger in a freestanding stove. A freestanding stove stands on its own feet and is normally on both sides surrounded by kitchen cabinets. One drawback to a built-in model is that you need to look at the size and dimensions. Which kitchen do you need for the stove that you want and that measurements be available? In a free-standing appliance, it is less critical: both sides just come on a kitchen counter top.

The number of ovens

Cookers are available in many varieties. There are models with multiple ovens. You can find them with one, two, three or four furnaces. In a stove with several ovens, they often do not all have the same capabilities. And also the size of the furnaces varies. The various oven functions you encounter are conventional wall heating, convection, grill, and steam. Also, you now encounter the microwave function. Often, these functions can still be combined. A furnace often has there some programs. Finally, some ovens have the option of using a rotisserie.

How many ovens you need, of course, depends entirely on yourself. The best you check how you’re doing in the kitchen. Do you currently have multiple ovens or microwave at your disposal? Use your sometimes at the same time? Do you sometimes too little space when you get to work seriously in the kitchen? Please note when choosing a stove that functionality does each furnace. When you choose multiple ovens, you will, of course, be able to do whatever with it, that you have in mind.

The size of the oven

Most furnaces are wider than the 60 cm which was previously so prevalent. That extra width can be used for multiple furnaces, but also for an extra large oven. With a width of 80 cm, you will have soon a furnace capacity of about 80 liters. At 90 cm is even a capacity of 100 liters or more is possible. This can be very handy. For example, in a large family where you need multiple trays. Or if you want to bake more than one pizza at a time. There is also a drawback: the entire space to be heated warm. That takes time and energy. An alternative could just be a choice for a cooker with several smaller furnaces.

Number of cooking zones on the hob

The time that four cooking zones were enough in the kitchen is long gone. And with an extra wide stove, there is much room for additional cooking zones. You’ll stove with four, five, six or even seven cooking zones. At six or seven cooking zones you have to rely on a stove at least 90 cm wide. Also equally well to the capabilities of the individual cooking zones. Possibly you have not much to several cooking zones with lower power. Again, it depends mainly on your habits and preferences. How often do you use several cooking zones? Look not only at the number of cooking zones, but also pay attention to space around each zone. Did you lose your pans?

Today, the wok is popular. Many stoves are therefore equipped with a special wok burner. This has added a lot of power and is designed in a large wok can be placed easily. Also, there is sufficient space around the heating element, to woks comfortable.

The type of hob

In a typical furnace is soon to cook thought gas. But there is more possible. Also, electrical induction cooking or ceramic is an option. The choice is up to you to determine what you think it’s finest. Both have advantages and disadvantages. . However, there are more cookers with gas or electric. The reason is probably that gas is found enjoyable by many chefs and serious amateurs. Probably hear people who buy a stove often in that category.

A griddle on your stove: the fry top

A nice opportunity for some stoves, the griddle or fry top. This is often optional. This can be placed over one or two burners. So then you have a nice area to cook meat or vegetables. The entire tray is detachable and can be placed in the dishwasher. With such a griddle you can prepare food on the way Teppanyaki, a Japanese cooking method where food is cooked on an iron plate.

Additional modules and features

A cooker is often more than an oven with a hob there is mounted on top. Many stoves offer extras, making them slightly more. With many brands and models, some features or modules additional options that you can take it. Of course, this varies greatly by brand and model. Thus, a fryer, there may be incorporated as a module. Or a warming zone, barbecue grill or fish burner. Some stoves there is a storage room or drawer under the oven (s). Also, there is sometimes to receive an optional cover plate for the entire cooking surface.

The appearance and operation

A stove is a dominant device in a kitchen. Therefore it is important that the design and appearance fit well with the rest of the kitchen. Also your personal taste, of course, plays a huge role. Most stoves are black, white or gray. Often a combination of these colors. Regarding gray is mainly stainless steel look popular. But there are also find some models with a more striking appearance. Think of colors like green, red or blue.

Because a stove contains many features, there are the necessary buttons and displays on. Here, too, flavor plays an important role. But also the ease of operation is of importance. Especially when you take a big (and expensive!) Model, you want to be sure that the operation is convenient and logical. You come from all at knobs, touch controls, buttons and displays in different colors. There are often extra features like a clock and timer.


The cooker is a comeback. There is much to gain and everything to choose from. A stove you buy for many years to come, and it will be a necessary cost. Therefore, it is important to delve as much into the possibilities out there. Decide for yourself what you need to function. Then directed to look for models that meet there, so you come to the device that completes your kitchen!

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