Kitchen Equipment : How Many Do You Need ?

Some kitchen uses such high power that a private group is needed. A well-known example is an electric stove. But there are more devices that belong to their group. Other devices can be safely combined. It is important there to have a good idea of when you place a new kitchen.

To determine what requirements your new kitchen sets to your electrical system, you should know what you want to put equipment in your kitchen. Kitchens are several devices that use high power and therefore can not collectively in one group. We put the most commonly used devices for you here. In general, it is the norm that a device on a private group with a connection value of more than 2000 watts belongs.

The hob

Cooking gas?

When the hob depends on it, what kind of stove you take. You cook on gas. The cooker is not relevant to your electrical installation. You will, of course, need to have close to the spot where does your cooker a gas connection. And possibly an electrical outlet, because of the ignition. If your stove does not need it, then prudent yet to make a connection. The stove keeps it probably shorter than the full kitchen. Should you replace the cooker, it is convenient that you’re prepared.

Cook on electric

Electric cooking (induction, electric, halogen and ceramic) almost always means that you need a three-phase connection. This is because of a cooker if you use all zones, uses more power than a single group can deliver. Sorry, you can not just use two groups when the two groups on the same stage. The main fuse of the stage for this fact too light. With a three-phase connection, you have that problem. You use two groups and thus divided the assets over several phases.

Electric cooking on a single?

There are plates which you can connect to a single group. This saves the need for a three-phase connection. That sounds great, but in practice is something else. The hob sees to it that never gets used too much power. That means you can not use all cooking zones simultaneously at maximum power. The hob will distribute the assets of the cooking zones used and do not exceed the maximum. To what extent in practice for you is a problem, you will have to decide.

Oven, microwave, or both

A furnace has long been a standard part of the kitchen. Which has long been fired by gas? But today is a normal electric oven. An oven is a device that uses a considerable power. The exact capacity varies by model. There is furnace with a connected load of 3,500 watts, which only belong to their group. There are also ovens, which have the half or even less power. There you need to have any special group, but you have to be careful that you are not too many other devices connected to the same group.

In addition to the oven, the microwave is also a popular device in many kitchens. Instead of a solo microwave, you can also go for a microwave oven. What you take, the same applies as for the oven. Some devices need their group, and others have such low power that there is still capacity of the group left for other things.


The dishwasher is another device that has become very popular in recent years. In a new kitchen includes a dishwasher at home, unless you do not have space for. A dishwasher heats, pumps and moving parts. This will also consume the energy. Regarding connectivity, the value is most dishwashers between 2000 and 2500 watts. That ability is so high that you have no other heavy loads to you close.

Water Boiler or Quooker

The boiling water tap or Quooker is one of the latest new developments in the kitchen. But because this device must keep the water at a high temperature, it is sometimes used the necessary electricity. The same is true for the regular water boilers which are to be found in some kitchen. In both devices, there is a heating element with a power of about 2000 to 2500 watts. Just as with the dishwasher these devices can not be in the same group as the other above-mentioned large-scale users.

No consumers

Then there are also devices that do not have such high capabilities. Think of a refrigerator and freezer. These devices can be divided among the groups that you already need for your kitchen. You’ll have to count it, to see if you do not connect too much with a single group. On a group of 3,000 watts or more you better nothing. Please refer to the capabilities that use these devices. Usually, these devices are at around 150-300 watts.

Loose equipment, and electrical outlets

Separate devices plugged into an electrical outlet above your worksheet. Devices such as a kettle, coffee machine, best Masticating Juicer, and fryer are seen as small kitchen appliances but still, have considerable powers. Sometimes up to 2000 watts or more. Therefore, it is not wise to put your loose sockets in a group in combination with a device with a high power, such as a dishwasher, oven and the like. The last thing you want is to have to stop you simultaneously use certain devices. Otherwise, there goes a fuse.

Example of distribution groups

Every kitchen is unique, but regarding the kitchen is often the same. The consumed power do vary by model device, but in general, you do take an average. This can be used as a guideline. What you just need to check is whether you can not take much more powerful devices than the values set here. If not, then you can assume the following.

The table above is a good starting point. Especially when you still have to work because you do not meet current installation, it is advisable not to skimp on a group of more or less. An additional group is never in the way, but a group can be very annoying enough. The work and costs required to work on your system and kitchen will not rise much if you decide to use one or two additional groups. Let it work in your cupboard always do by someone with knowledge.

Buy A New Freezer: Where To Watch ?

A freezer ensures that food is frozen and therefore long lasting. In itself not the most exciting domestic product, the only thing that is a freezer to keep the food at a low temperature. There is still a lot to choose and so things to think about when buying a freezer. We put the most important things in a row.

A freezer you use for freezing food in. These include frying snacks and ice creams. But additional supplies of bread, meat or vegetables can be kept well in the freezer. And some people froze prepared meals for later use. We look at what to look for when choosing a freezer.

Freezer in the kitchen or not

A separate freezer is increasingly part of the kitchen. The products in the freezer are needed in the kitchen, so it is comfortable when having to run not only to another room from the kitchen. There is not enough space in the kitchen. Then a freezer can also be placed in a utility room or garage. In that case, you might consider taking a refrigerator, so there is still some freezing capacity in the kitchen is present.

Installation and model

Choose a nice concealed built-in freezer or a freestanding model? Built-in Freezers are always a cupboard or a table model, but a stand-alone freezer may also be a box model. In a cabinet fits the most effective, but ergonomically it is not. If you want to get anything at all from the bottom of the freezer, you have to bend down deep and usually other issues put to the side before you can with it. Often food is too long at the bottom of the freezer, so it should be discarded eventually. A cabinet model or tabletop with drawers is a lot more practical to use. A table model freezer can be placed under the sink and is, therefore, up to 85 centimeters high. The capacity is therefore limited to about 90 liters.

Combined with refrigerator

Nowadays the fridge-freezer very popular. Most come the so-called upside-down model. It sits in the refrigerator and the freezer downstairs. Both parts have their door. The freezer section is often 2.5 or 3.5 tray. An advantage of this model is that the cooling portion, which is most widely used, is on top, which is comfortable in daily use. A fridge-freezer is also available in the built-in model.

Environment temperature

In a kitchen, the temperature will not be a problem quickly, but if a freezer is placed in a utility room, garage or box, it is important to ensure that the ambient temperature is not too cold for some models. A temperature lower than 10 degrees centigrade is not advisable for the proper functioning of the freezer.

No Frost

Before No Frost technology existed, it was necessary to defrost the freezer regularly full, to remove all turned on the ice. Thanks No Frost is no longer needed. The freezer ensures that moisture is brought out into the room and the freezer is cold by cooling with refrigerated air circulation. Not all freezers have this functionality, so if you want to save the required defrosting, you must select it.

Frost floor

In a freezer equipped Floor Frost is cooled each tray separately. As a result, it is possible to freeze in each tray products. Most freezers have this today, but not all, so it’s good to check. In a freezer without Floor Frost but can often load products to be frozen by one or two. The products are frozen, they can be moved to another tray. Thanks, Floor Frost that act belongs to the past.

Other factors

Other things that should be watched is when purchasing a freezer:

● Content: One of the main factors is the net content. What you need depends entirely on how much you plan to freeze. Mind you, consumes a large freezer but more energy.
● Freezing capacity: The amount of food that can be inserted at once, so that the whole freezes fast enough.
● Energy consumption: The energy of the device, ranging from G t / m A +++
● Sound Production: The number of decibels that makes a device. Is the freezer in the kitchen then it is advisable to take a stationary device.

A Stove In Your Kitchen or Not – How Do You Choose?

If you look at some cookers today are sold, sometimes you do not know what you see. Large appliances with many cooking zones and multiple ovens. Also, often all kinds of extra modules and capabilities, whether or not optional. Unfortunately, the price tag is also impressive. In most cases, the cooker is by far the most expensive part of the whole kitchen. Should you or should not choose a stove? What considerations play a role in this choice?

A stove can be called a multifunction device with law. The simplest stoves are fitted with a hob and oven, as we know from earlier. But there is now much more possible.

In the first place, to get there are larger furnaces. This gives you more cooking zones and oven capacity. But there are also models that have a second oven next to the main oven. There are even models that have as many as four ovens. The various ovens often have different capabilities.

The width of the stove

Stoves you can have different widths in a series of 60, 70, 80, 90 cm to 150 cm. A wider range means more space for cooking zones and a larger or more furnaces. You must, of course, have the room in your kitchen to lose it. Remember that you do on both sides of stove you want to have room for a piece of countertop. This is very ergonomically while cooking: you can then easily put away and grab your cooking utensils, ingredients, and other issues.

Furnace capacity

Due to a large size to take cooker, you can realize a large oven capacity of a single device. A total oven capacity of more than 100 liters is no exception. There are furnaces with a combined oven capacity of up to 160 to 200 liters. Something is certainly not going to need everyone. But for some people, can make an important difference.

The ergonomics of the oven (s)

A disadvantage of a cooker is the low placing of the ovens. That is not for everyone equally enjoyable. Nowadays you often see ovens and microwaves are placed in high cupboards. You do not have to bend down to see it or to do anything in or out. With a stove, you will always have to work low. Some models do not have very high furnaces, making the bottom of the oven cavity is, and there is a drawer underneath is as high as possible. That saves a little, but it remains relatively low.

The fry top or griddle

Some cookers, it is possible to place a so-called top or fry griddle. Sometimes this option, so you have to be a good watch. The extra cost is often the price. In this tray, you can prepare food directly. You do not pan needed. It is widely used for meat

Oven gas?

Buy a single furnace. It almost always works on electric. In cookers also true that for most. But there are still to be found a lot of models which are equipped with a gas oven. Is true for most people that make a gas or electric oven at not a big difference. Often, the preference is given even to electrically. But you might like to have a gas oven, then offers a likely stove outcome.

A single device

In a stove, multiple functions are combined. One disadvantage is the dependence that creates it. An oven will still occasionally break down after so many years. Do you have a stove with oven and a more beautiful plate, it could be annoying. Possibly the oven actually beyond repair and will cost a lot. You have to replace everything. This while a gas hob itself almost never breaks. It may not be an immediate consideration that plays a major role in many people, but still, something to pause at.

The higher price of a stove

A stove is pricey. How much exactly, of course, depends make, model and options. But a stove is soon the most expensive part of a kitchen. But you must be careful not to compare apples and pears. A stove combines multiple functions in one, so you do not need some other devices. You’re right of course a hob and oven. Buy a bigger stove then you have to compare with greater hob and oven. And you have a stove with even more furnaces with different capabilities. You should also include in your comparison. You might save you then immediately a microwave.

Other things that determine the price

Take your hob cooker. Then you should take a hob with wok burner, to compare fairly. Also, some cookers offer additional features such as a fry top or deep fryer which otherwise often is not possible. And of course, the whole stove give a certain character to your kitchen. All things you can hang a hard price. It is especially worth a personal question how something like the extra money.

Difference in kitchen cabinets and mounting

There are other things you save for when you take a stove. It saves you include a kitchen where normally the stove and oven are placed in. And you also save on the worktop. You will probably get or to both sides of the stove a counter top, rather than a single large counter top. But there may not exactly be tailored a hole for the stove in the magazine. Which often saves costs. And counter tops from certain materials can be a significant difference. Also placing a stove flanked kitchen cabinets is easier than having to install plates and oven (s).

What does a stove do?

As the functionality of stoves rather varies lending, the same goes for prices. The simplest models cost around $250. Then you have a four burner gas stove with a simple oven. For the most expensive models to $8,000 or more required. Then you have to have the most comprehensive and professional brands and models.

Going out of five or six cooking zones and a size of up to 90 cm, then you look at prices between $600 and $3,000. Then it occurs mainly on brand and functionality. Boretti easily cost at least $2,000. The brand Smeg has correctly in every price category have a model in the range. Do you want a device with two ovens or more than you have to go out of $1,200 or more, regardless of brand?

Buy a stove combined with a whole kitchen, then talk about the price of the stove recommended. The high prices mean clear also that there is the necessary margin on the devices. Not infrequently there may be a lot on the price. You can get there all save a great amount quickly. And that’s never gone when you go to buy a whole new kitchen!